1 Before you post, please do your due-diligence Please Note: This includes checking the CRTechs/ Porsche Technical Assistance “archives” before posting.

2 You must have a signature line in your email post.

You must have a signature line in your email post, that way we all know who you are, what shop you are at. Not to mention the fact that we can call you if we have the time. Name-Shop Nm-ph# -Web Site

3 Don't talk about labor rates. It's considered "price fixing." NO tech-wanted posts on the forums/ fb groups.

Here are a few examples of approved publications:-ALLDATA-Mitchell-Porsche POSES-Porsche TSI4. Start a completely new email when you make a post.

If you hijack someone else's thread it could show and then cause confusion.

5 stay away from anything other than Porsche posting

Let's stay away from anything other than just the automotive subject. Politics don't belong here, we are all busy professionals.

6 No Flames. No flaming or complaining about others in the group, let's all be courteous to one another, it's a small world.

7 Supply as much info about vehicle as possible.

When posting a technical question, please supply as much information about the vehicle as you can and it would help everyone if you included as much technical information as possible.

8 post a **FIX**I ask that you post a **FIX** email once you have figured out or learned what actually repaired your particular issue or problem. Please put Please Note: **FIX in the subject matter and in the body

9 Think about your subject line before posting.

It would help tremendously if you could carefully think about your subject line before posting and please try and reply to the email with the original question, if possible.

10 Seriously, no flaming will be tolerated! Please try to be kind to everyone in our group at all times, even if you are frustrated by them. We admins are watching you!